pickled hypothetical miserablizzard

liver-ducked foible-gras within. Outwardly

emulating erudite australopithecines.

accept repentance in painted rainbow ralph

somnambulantly spatch-cocked over

enervated man-melt.


 bubble-burst worst-night-everwürst

rolling in rot-gut, rye and lope-home hurt

imbibed in inch-shots of inevitability

noting “never-again-woe-is-me”’s

guzzled, giddy and gleeful to gin-full skinful.


brigand-brain buckle-swashed blackout

eagerly entreat euthanasia on emergence.

rancid stain-mouthed pork repast, baconated,

orange-lemon-pink prairie oyster doghair dram

curative subterfuge, glumly glugged admonishments

certainty of recovery crushed in discovery of

additional celebratory days of debauchery.