“Why yes, I thought I recognised your face!” intoned fragrant fiduciary flesh, rattling finger-graffiti on the desk.
Her eyes balloon, fluttering flash-lashes and throbbing heart cartoons.
I kraken, contorting tentacles into tactical facsimile of smiles.
Projecting personability, my beard spells “swoon” and eyebrows threaten potential suitors still based in the room:
miming slit-throat sentiment at middle-management.
Hair entwines, forming a barrier against outside influence, consulting computer for affluence as intricate permutations of dalliance approach denouement.
A suggestion of symbiosis skips across crushed-candy lips;
spreads sentiment to sour-sharp cheeks, and
those polished fingers read “phwoar.”
They clatter on keys as a chore, crash through credit checks and settle on cash.
My smile rearranged, enamel effigies of entrancement spelling seduction in dental architecture.
Gazing with rented eyesqualls I serenade you in sight;
she segments,
and a dance enacts through slices of carapace
unfurling wings of muted arrogance
that beauty brings.
Statements skew into a paper-chain panoply:
hand-hold animal entrapment, snarling A4 alligator advance to
death-roll of the soul.
Irises imbibe effervescence, the phosphorous phase of pheremone fate
free pens stretch chains, writing attraction on atoms in triplicate.
Proffer plastic: reader wrangles quantum entanglement in four-digit damages,
and our hands meet like ham sandwiches,
meat-sheets sultry and sweat-stuck.
Swirling spiral milky arms collide, then spell out “you should fuck!”
Ten thousand years of coral eyes, inquiring if I am fecund.
Banking error, in my favour, I leave with a small refund.

~ Leland Velociraptor, 2013